Monday, March 21, 2011

SHOP from am to pm

I don't know about you but for me, Shopping makes my heart and soul happy.hahaha. Anyways this past Saturday, my niece Gao Kayeng and my dear friend Choua went shopping at Prime Outlet Mall and Gurnee Mills. It was a succeed! Got just what I want/need for Spring and Summer.

Thanks for coming along, Choua. I had so much fun you and Gao.
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Since my pink wristlet is getting old and  Coach was having their 30% off, I decided to get a new one. After the discount, I got it for only $25 (with tax). How cheap is that! I remembered, I bought my pink one for $50.

New jewelries added to my collection. As you can see, I'm a earrings LOVERS. I can never have enough.

Got this cute red belt from Agaci for only $4. I love their 60% sale.

Found the perfect red bikini from Holister for only $10 each piece. What I love about this bikini is that, I can remove the strap/string for the top piece---this way whenever I go tanning, I will nott have to worry about line mark.

The many other things that I bought. And as you can see below, I love "floral" design for the summer :)

This sweater was on sale for only $8.99 so of course I have to get it. It's orginal price was $28.99. No way I'm I going to get a sweater for that much.hahahaha. I'm so cheap.LOL

Try this beautiful bikini in "H&M" but end up not getting it because I already have a yellow one just like it that has never been worn. I absolutly love this color though.


  1. what a great buys!!! Love all your products and I love any floral shirts and dresses as well! Its perfect for spring/summer! Love the last picture, you have such a nice body and cute bikini, too bad you didn't purchase it!

  2. good buys! i especially love the floral dresses!