Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Shoes Purchase

While I sitting at home being bored, I decided to do some online shopping at GoJane.com. Bad idea----end up ordering two new pair of shoes :/ Owell, I haven't even purchase any new shoes in awhile (well actually I lie, I just bought one from C.Russe last week)hahaha.

This past Saturday, when I saw my younger sister wore her red pumps---I realized how hot they were, so decided to get myself a pair too.hahahhaa. Of course, I could-off just borrow it from her but NOOO her feet are too small. She's only a size 5, when I'm a size 6.

I've realized that I barely has any black heels. I know right? Who doesn't own a black heels...hahahaha. I used to have a lot of black heels, but they're old so I threw them out. Over the past years, I'ev notice that I only purchased other colors shoes.hahahaha. I actually really like these pair of heels. They reminded me of a sexy rock & roll shoes.hahaha. Don't ask me why? :) I absolutely love the straps around the angle too-it's different!

Costa Rica in December

I know this trip won't happen for another 8 months but OMG how I cannot wait! I super excited about it! For those of you who don't know, this coming Winter Break I'll be going down to Costa Rica with my school for a class! It'll be such a great experience and I'm def. counting the days....

I'm so ready to enjoy the beautiful weathers, swim in the water with monkeys swinging on top of the trees, and just have fun!