Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hair Updos

Since I'm thinking of putting my hair for New Year's Eve, I have been playing with different hair updos. Of course it's not perfect yet b/c first of all I'm not a hair stylist and second of all I'm just playing with it, so I didn't use any hair product to help support my hair at all.

1st hair updo 

2nd Hair updo


My friend May and I have recently started working out every Wednesday and Thursday. My goal is to lose some of these fat :) Especially on my thighs, all those fat has just got to go.hehehe.

I need to go back to this. LOL. Where I can totally rock out my bod in a bathing suite
 and not have to worry about people seeing my fats.hehehe. I believe this was 3 years ago.