Thursday, October 28, 2010

Makeups that are done by me. I'm not too much of a makeup tutorial so I'm sorry if there's not much about what I used on my face/eyes.

I always use eye primer before applying any shadow on :)




We all know that every girl loves makeups, well at least most of them :) && of course, i'm one of them, who would spend $$ like crazy on makeups. lol. I was bored today so decided to clean out my makeups....throw out some old ones that i barely use.haha. Here's my collection of makeups.

my brushes. the black ones are from regular drug store. the brown ones are from mac. 

eye shadows, lipsticks, foundation, powders, eyeliners, lip liners, mascara,etc.

My "HIP" collection. They're awesome. It's easy to work with and blendable.
L-F: "Cheeky 508", "Flare 404", "Platinum 906", 'Charming 519".

My "sally girl" collection. The quality is great! The price is soooo affordable, only $1 each. Who can say "No" to that? :) 

My lipsticks collection:

I just recently bought these two lip liner from "One Stop Outlet" ( an Asian store here in Milwaukee). They're only $2.99 each. I was scared at first that the quality might not be good b/c it's so cheap but decided to take a chance.hahaha. && guess what? It turned out that the quality is actually really good. So worth it :) NEVER JUDGE! HEHEHE.

my other obsession.

ACCESSORIES! necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. ohhh you can never go wrong with them!  The perfect accessory can make an outfit, whether it's a fedora to top off your dapper look or a classic clutch to go. My friends always tell me of how many necklaces or earrings I have. One of my old roomie used to tell me that whenever she go shopping and see a bunch of accessories it'll alway remind her of me, espically when she shop at Forever 21. lol.

[some of the jewelries that i have never wear]

&& BEST OF ALL, the most important piece of jewerly of mine. The beautiful "promise ring" that Koua got me for our 3 years anniversary.
[two hears become one]