Monday, February 21, 2011

president day=foto day

What is there to do on a day of no school and work? If you ask me, I'll said "take pictures or shopping". Since I don't have my credit card with me, of course I took some pictures instead. Which was totally fun.

After taking these pictures, I have relized how much weight I have gain :( I need to go on a major diet asap!

I'm telling you...I'm so ready for Spring.


First of all, HAPPY PRESIDENT DAY! No school for us today! Really wanted to go shopping but I left my coach wristlet (along with my credit/debit card) back in Sheboygan, so no money for me to shop this whole week. I guess it's a good thing, that way I can save.hahaha.

Anyways, I just bougth a new nail polish color from N.Y.C. I've been looking for this color for a long time....finally found it. [color: INA]
1st pic: I used "inside mode" w/out flash
2nd pic: I used "regular picture mode" w/flash

One of my all time favorite Mac's platte. You'll probably not find this at the Mac store because, I got it as a MAC SAMPLE  a long long time ago :D I'm kinda sad because the pigment are ruining low...meaning as soon as they're out, I will need to go buy the individual shadow.

Here's a sample of the shadows look like.

I LOVE TARGET! They always have cute stuff for good deals. A couple days ago, I was bored and decided to stop by Target since I only live 5-6 blocks away from it. Saw this cute flat shoes. It was only $12.99 so of course have to get it. It's the perfect color, that will match anything.

NOT ENOUGH BRUSHES: I need to buy more brushes. I have a couple mores aside from these but still I need more. I've realized that I have a lot of blush/foundation brushes but not enough shadow brushes.

I bought this pump, I believed a month ago and totally forgot about it. Got it from Charlotte Russe for only $10. What a steal :D I'm telling you, Charlotte Russe always have good shoes deal.
Color: Nude Patent
 (it might look a lighter in these pic, but it's probably b/c of the flash.)

RIGHT NOW, I'm in search of a nice summer wedge!!!!
I need to go on a shoes hunting asap :)
lastly, thought I share what I have for lunch today.
 kao-poob (curry noodle) YUMMMY!

Have a good day everyone. Lets hope this snow/cold weather will go away soon.