Thursday, October 14, 2010


I can't just be staying home and do notthing during "R" Did some shopping today :) and bought some nice stuff for a cheap price. I tried to stay away from the dresses and outgoing outfits so I bought clothes where I can actually wear it to school/work/and other places.hahaha

yellow shirt from H&M for only $5.00

black tank from C.Russe for only $2.99   

orginally was $25 and bought it for only $12

Cute simple shirt from Charotte Russe. Only $5 each ^_^

  I just have to buy at least ONE dress.hahaha. && you can never go wrong with a nice black dress. H&M for only $15.00

** I still need to go back to the mall tmrw and get a couple more stuff. hehe. **

i want.....

I've been eyeing these two dresses from forever 21 forwhile now....i haven't seen it in store yet so i'm thinking of ordering them but we'll see :/ Koua will kill me if he finds out He thinks i have too many dresses and don't need

you can never go wrong with a black dress :)

great shopping deals

Last Thursday, May and I went shopping at southridge mall. It was suppose to be a halloween custumes shopping but ended up not lol. Anyways, we stopped by "RAVE". I'm not really a big fan of that store but we were like wth, lets just go in and check out their stuff for so we did and guess what...i ended up buying stuff from They just got some new purses, scarfs, and hats from European and they were super cute and simple. It was also 50% off. So, May and I ended up buying it LOL.

Orginal price: $8     Sale price: $4

Orginal price: $8     Sale price: $4

Orginal price: $4     Sale price: $2

so as you all can see, this has notthing to do with our halloween custumes.hakdalhahahaha but i had fun and happy with what i got. Halloween custumes can be save for another day.hehe


Going for some more shopping today, so be sure to come back and check out what I got ^_^