Monday, October 3, 2011

Ikea & Woodfield Mall

short and sweet bog: I had a great time on Saturday shopping with my good friend Choua from 9am-8pm at Ikea and Woodfield Mall in IL. I'm sooo in love with Ikea. Cannot wait till I have my very own house so I can go back and buy everything to decorate.

Enjoy "some" of the goodies that I got.
The rest are still in IL. If you're my friend on FB, you'll know why! Long story short, I almost lost my Forever21 bag there. Thank goodness for whoever that kind hearted person that turn it in! Koua and I will be going back there this Saturday to pick it up. Maybe I'll stop by Ikea again?!?!?! :)

I want a closet this big!!!

What I gott!!!!


(don't mind the white spot, it's just my flash)

nail lacquer

My new favorite nail's color. Absolutely love it! Perfect matching for my skin color.

"Sand: 17"