Thursday, March 3, 2011

March purchase.

Did a small shopping today with my niece Gao Ka Yeng. My plan was just to go to Dollar Tree and see if they still have more "fake" lashes (but sadly they ran out) so I ended up buying others stuff and went to other shopping stores that are near by.

I was going to order this online but good thing I didn't. It was only $20. Cheaper than the one I saw online, which was for $30 plus shipping.
[Nude Chiffon Bow Slingback Platform]

It was on clearance for only $1. Of course, I snap it right way.
Who can say no to a $1 Orginal price was $18.99
It fit perfectly and go so well with a black belt. I can't wait till summer so I can wear it out :)

Like I said earlier since Dollar Tree ran out of the fake lashes, I ended up buying other stuff.
Revlon lipstick! [nude shell #200]

FOTD. Go Green.