Friday, May 13, 2011


I'm sooooo ready for summer. I want to go lay down at the beach with a nice "mango mai tai" drink and relax! I've been buying swimwear like crazy.LOL. Just this year, I already bought 3 bikinis. Koua said, why do I need so many bikinis, as if that's all I'm gona be wearing this summer. hahahaha. Of course not, but I will be spending a lot of time there, so I will need more than one suit. I do have old ones too--but it's a new summer so that mean new bikinis too.hahaha! [I saw a really cute one at Forever21 and is totally tempted to order it!] Anyways, below are my newest addition to my swimwear collection :)

RED: from Hollister ---total of only $20

YELLOW: from BareFeet---total of only $6

BLACK: from H&M---total of only $10

I really cannot wait till it get warm outside!!!!!