Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Thought I do a quick blog on some of the shoes that have never been worn before----

Is not that I don't like them. I LOVE THEM, it's just that I haven't find the right outfit to wear with it yet.

I absolutely love this rd heels. I got it from BareFeet last year for only $19.99.

This one was given to me from my dear friend's Choua Xiong. I still have yet to wear it out one these days. Again, just need to find the perfect outfit to go with it.

It's actually a "nude" color (due to the flash, it looks white). I have many outfits that will go great with it, it's just that now that it's soooo cold outside, I barely go out so yeah....I'm sure once Spring/Summer comes, I'll be rocking them out.LOL

One of my favorite shoes too. I love the style and the zebra print. 
These one, I had actually wore it once already.
I'm thinking of selling this pair since I barely wear it. If you're interested in it, let me know.
Purchase Price: $30
Selling for: $15 plus $5 shipping
Size: 6