Saturday, April 28, 2012

It's been a long awhile.....

I've been such a good girl......2 weeks without any (major) shopping lol. Of course knowing me, it wouldn't last long.

AHHH, Thank you Aldo! I've been searching forever for this color prints :)
I'm ready for CA in May!

What I've been using lately. I love this brand! In my very own opinion, I've never used any mineral foundation like this one before. For those that loves "Bare Mineral", let me just say this might just be 5x better :) So, give it a shot. However you can only purchase it online. (I'm actually an consultant with them, so lmk if you want to try/order some. 


This is a MUST have primer!!! If you're a makeup whore, don't miss out on it :)

Again, best liquid eye liner I've ever used too! Love the brush. It's super smooth and easy to apply on your eyes.