Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shop with Deals

Babe and I decided to stop by Mayfair Mall yesterday and check out Victoria Secret Semi-Annual Sale. Went in there and didn't really see anything that I like so instead we went to Bath&Body Works and got just what I wanted.

I'm so sad that the lipstick "vivaglam" is out of out again!!! I gave mine away to my sister-in-law b/c she really like and now that I went back to get other one, they don't have it. The lady said she's not sure when they'll get more. I went online but it was sold out too. <angry face> As soon as there's more I'm going to make sure I purchase 2, since after Feb. it'll be discontinue.

After Mayfair mall, we stop by Walgreen's. As always, I have to stop by their makeups section b/c they usually have great deals going on. I was happy to see that they are having the 50% off on the Wet&Wild products so I went ahead and grab some.

Bath&Body Works: Koua bought me this gift set! "Japanese Cherry Blossom". One of my favorite scent!

The set came with:
1. Pocket Bac anti-bacterial
2. Handi Bac anti-bacterial
3. Body lotion
4. Hand soup gental foaming
5. Hand soup deep cleansing

I plan on going back sometime this week and buy some more for gifts and myself :)

This is one of their newest winter scent. I saw it awhile back and now finally decided to get one before it run out since the big bottle are already out. I'm gona use it this whole week and if I really like it then will go back for more. It's $1 each! Can't be better than that. This bottle is call: "Secret Wonderland" 

I never really shop at Aeropostale but there was a huge sign of 70% off everything so I figure, it doesn't hurt to check it out. Good thing I did, because I found myself a nice coat for only $19.99. The original price $99.50. I'll never spend that much on a coat. LOL.

Isn't it cute? I LIKE IT! My red one is getting old so this is perfect.

If you haven't notice, I SHOP a lot but I shop with good deals & bargain. ^_^