Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day after xmas | Surprise in the mail | look of the day

It's been a couple days since I've blog so be ready for a tons of stuff that I'll be sharing. First of all, hopefully everyone had a great Christmas Day b/c I sure did. Anyways, here are some of the things I got for Xmas and what I got for myself "the day after xmas" :D

Got the MAC lipstick that I've been wanting as a xmas gift from my secret Santa [sister Pakou].

Bought myself this shirt at "Abercrombie" kids. LOL. So of course I got it in a "xtra large".hahaha. They were having a 40% off so I got this shirt for only $17!

Got this cute shirt from my SIL as a xmas gift.

Bought myself this long shirt from Charlotte Russe for only $5. Wear it with a belt and it'll even look cuter :) 

Earrings from "ForLove21".

LOOK what I got in the mail today!!! My ELF products!!! I ordered it about 2 weeks ago it's finally here. Thanks to my lovely friend Choua for telling me about their 50% discount.

what I got ^_^

My brushes that I've been wanting. I can' wait to use them.

Mineral eye powder.

Eye liner---the quality is really nice. After testing it on my hand, I have to really scrub it to wash it off.

Look of the day: "Natural and simple"