Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Help me shop!!!

I'm in the process of looking for a nice dress! For no occasion or reason! If you know me, you know that I love dresses! I probably have 4-5 new dresses sitting in my closet that I still need to get to it. This year, I haven't gone out as much as the past years so I don't really get the chance to dress up no more! However, this doesn't stop me from purchasing new dresses. lol. Anyways, if you kindly help me decided on which dress I should get, will be great. Much love. 

1st dress: 
I love the color combination. 
Price: $70

2nd dress:
You know it! It's the lace! 
Debating between this one and the 3rd one, which is the exact same style but just different color.

xoxo <3

Costa Rica through my eyes

I fell in love with this country. Their land is so beautiful. Their people are so sweet and friendly. I'm super glad that I took this opportunity to go there with my school for study aboard. It was one of the best learning experienced ever.  You get to do things that you never thought you would. 

Withing the 10 days that we were there, we did so much! We hiked through the Rainforest (day & night), Zip line, Horseback riding, visited the Volcano, swim at the Hot Spring, Ate at amazing restaurants, visited the Cloud-Forest, hit up the San Jose (the city), shopping in the village & city, beach, saw a bunch of animals, etc. 

Enjoy the pictures. I hope you'll fell in love with it as much as I did....even if it's just through pictures :)

Here's something cute I got for myself from Costa Rica. It's a beautiful wrap dress! I love the colors on it.