Sunday, November 7, 2010

the many many dresses that i owned

WARNING: there's a lot of pictures of me.hahahahaha.

May 25th bday celebration. Was gona save this dress for vegas but instead I wore it early.haha

photoshooot with Loomie Photographer at Kohler State Park.

Photoshoot with Stever in Sheboygan Fall this past summer. The only long summer dress that I ever I love it, b/c the length of it fit me perfectly. Knowing that I'm a short asian girl, it's super hard to find a nice long dress.haha.

Photoshoot with Steve in Milwaukee

Koua got me this dress right before we head up to MN for the 4th of July (2009) 

Myself with Teamy. About to head out to Rain night club.

Everyone loves a black dress. :) Myself with the beautiful bride (Kathy).

Photoshoot with Larry in Milwaukee.

My first photoshoot ever with Studio of Houa.

Three summer ago, I went down south to visit my older brother and his family. My neices and I went to their national park and took pictures.

Myself and Sona. About to head to Appleton (park central). It was during the HND event.

Photoshoot with Nou Xiong. My younger sister Blia bought me this dress b/c she lost my camera.hahaha.

First time meeting Houa Xiong. This was in Green Bay, i think. For choua and houa's 22nd bday.

Ka Yeng.See.Me. One summer nite out :)

My beautiful Valentine dress. Bought it from H&M for only $15.

2009 Labor weekend. See and Me.

One of my most recent dress that I just bought this past summer but never wear until just this past month when I went out with the girls the Hyde Bar.

Lady in red :) Truly 21st bay.

My beautiful bff, Dia Yaj bought me this beautiful purple dress for me, for my 22nd bday. I wore it during Memorial weekend 2010.

Bought this sexy leaper print dress from Forever 21 for $30. Wore it in Vegas. Me an Jenny :)

2010 July 4th at Blue Harbor. summer dress from Target.


Boston store for only $12

Chicago 2008 or 2007? lol. I forgot.

My 22nd bday with my younger sister Blia.

VEGAS. guess where I bought this dress from???? DEB, for only $5.

Photoshooot with Larry at the 3 domes in milwaukee.

fall of 2008

My halloween dress I wore last year to the Moon.

** these are only the dresses that I have wore. There's still This is why Koua hated when I buy dresses. He thinks I have too many already.hahaha.**