Thursday, January 19, 2012

30 day challenge: DAY 1

A picture of yourself and 15 facts about you.

1. Daughter/sister of 2 amazing parents & 6 wonderful siblings
2. I have a wonderful & supportive boyfriend, who have stand by my side through thick & thin.
3. Graduated from Alverno College w/a BA in Computer Information Technology & support in Creative Arts.
4. My mom is like my best friend---I tell her everything! (talk to her at least  1-2 hour a day and 3 times a we ek) ^__^
5. Work at Johnson Controls with the PSES (SAP) team.
6. Love Sheboygan’s beach! (It may be a small town but it have an unforgettable beach)
7. I’m a shopaholic! H&M, Forever21, and VS are my loves!
8. I value friendship a lot!
9. One of my biggest pet peeve is, I can’t stand skinny girls who always complain about how fat they are! Esp, when they say it over and over just to get attention! Just STFU, we know u’re skinny!
10. I have an addiction for nail polish. I probably have over 50. I cant stand having my nails plain.
11. In the past, I've learned to forgive & forget, but I stop doing that now. You can only give people so many chances! People tends to take you for granted for being nice! So, no more nice :)
12. One of my New Year resolutions is to get back into reading! I missed it!
13. I love photography! I used to love being in front of the camera, but now I’ve also discovered that it can be as much fun behind the camera :D
14. I enjoy watching hmong movies with my family. Esp, my Nom Phaj & Xab Thoj’s movies! Cracks me up every time. LOL
15. Lastly, I love my culture! EMBRACE HMONG!