Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vegas Trip---SOON!!!!

The boyfriend and I planned on taking a trip to Las Vegas sometimes early November, 2011 for our 7 years anniversary. I'm super excited and cannot wait!!! I missed Vegas!!!

This is a must see!!!! Last time when the girls and I went, I didn't get to see it because while it went off some of the girls and I were still in the bathroom. And by the time we got out it was over already.  

I want to go ride the roller-coaster too! But  I'll have to see how Koua feel about it, since he's not a big roller-coaster He's afraid of height.hahaha

And lastly, it's a FORSURE that we will be going to the Jabbawockeez's show!! I'm super excited and cannot wait!

Of course these are just three out of the many things that we will be doing :)