Sunday, November 20, 2011

November Haul

It's been awhile since I did a Haul blog so thought I shared some of my newest purchased this month.

1. Urban Decay "All Nighter" face spray $30
This product claims to help keep your makeup long lasting.
I wasn't too sure if it'll actually works, so while in Vegas the girls and I decided to test it out. We went to Sophora, spray it on our face before heading out to the club. Surprisingly, it does work! By the end of the night, my makeup wasn't a smear up nor did it fade away. Because it does it job so well, yesterday while I was at Mayfair mall with my friend Choua, I decided to get it.
I used this product last night also....took this picture after coming back from Joua's bday!

2. YAY! because I reached up to 100 points at Sophora, I got this free face primer :)
I usually dont spend money on face primer because to me I feel like is just another reason to spend money on makeup. LOL. But ey, I don't mind getting it for free.

3. Forever21's ring $5
Since I'm on a tight budget and saving for Black Friday, I wasn't gona get anything but I just can resit getting this ring! It was calling for me.hahaha.

4. Guess's wristlet bag $48
Got this while I was in Vegas! It's super cute and perfect size! I cannot say "no" to this!

5. M&Ms magnet $8
I just want to also shared what I got for myself from Vegas. It's just something small and cute!
Welcome to my refrigerator. LOL.

6. Shot glass from Vegas
You cannot go to Vegas without buying a shot glass! LOL. I love this shot glass! I bought one for myself and one for my guy friend Pheng Xiong.


Outfit of the night 11|19|11

SHORT AND SWEET BLOG: went out for my friend Joua's bday celebration! Coudn't decided of what to wear so after 30 minute of searching, I ended up with this :) ENJOY!

-Sephora's Base Ultra-smoothing primer
-Dream Smooth Mousse [240 Naural Beige]
-Bronze Goddess

-Mac Wonder Woman powder blush [Amazon Princess]

-NYX Eyeshadow base [ESB03]
-Wet n Wild Sweet As Candy Shadow
-Wet n Wild Coloricon [white shade]
-Urban Decay's Naked [Virgin, Hustle, and Creep]
-Maybelline Eyestudio [Blackest Black FG074EK]
-L'OREAL mascura [black]

-Flirt [Enerygy 13]