Monday, November 29, 2010


This past weekend not only it was Thanksgiving Day but it was also the Sheboygan's Hmong New YEar and my friend Dia was also visiting from Arkansas. So of course, we do what we do best which was to make great memorise ^_^.  Enjoy the pictures from a fun weekend.

Most of the Ladies: Yoki, Lena, Ib, Kayeng, Blia, Pa Kou, Me, and See.

pretty in pink.

The lovely Dia and myself.

BFF. Great friends are hard to find and impossible to forget!

Thanksgiving day with my family. Here's my plate of foods. hahaha! yeah, after a whole day of cooking and smelling all the good foods, this is all that I ended up

Sheboygan Hmong New Year 20010-11
My little princess Emily and me.

Koua and I.

Always gotta have a picture with my mom. I LOVE HER.

My three little girls.
Melanie, Emily, & Holly

my beautiful nyab and me in our beautiful hmong outfit that was made by her.

Sister Sia.Nyab Kos.Me. Mom