Thursday, October 14, 2010


I can't just be staying home and do notthing during "R" Did some shopping today :) and bought some nice stuff for a cheap price. I tried to stay away from the dresses and outgoing outfits so I bought clothes where I can actually wear it to school/work/and other places.hahaha

yellow shirt from H&M for only $5.00

black tank from C.Russe for only $2.99   

orginally was $25 and bought it for only $12

Cute simple shirt from Charotte Russe. Only $5 each ^_^

  I just have to buy at least ONE dress.hahaha. && you can never go wrong with a nice black dress. H&M for only $15.00

** I still need to go back to the mall tmrw and get a couple more stuff. hehe. **


  1. Stop shopping woman. Lols, live the goodies though.