Friday, October 15, 2010


After two weekds of ordering my mac makeups, they are finally here! I'm so's about time i freaken owned a palette hahaha.

Mac Lipstick 021

Eye shadow ombertto "stars n' rockets" 03

Eye shadow bright A20 "Satin"


Okay, I had a great day today. Went shopping at Mayfair mall and Southridge mall with my girl, May :) Bought some great stuff. OHH and guess what? I found my black dress with the dimonds on the side at "Forever 21" YAY! now i don't have to order it.hehe. arite, it's been such a long day and i'm super tired so that's it for now. g'nite loves :)

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  1. LOL totally sorry, martha! i accidently deleted ur comment...anyways, yeah i know.hahaha. but my friend has one and the pigment and quality is as good hehe. i haven't even use it one me yet but yes, when i do i'll post some pictures up :)