Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Shoes Purchase

While I sitting at home being bored, I decided to do some online shopping at GoJane.com. Bad idea----end up ordering two new pair of shoes :/ Owell, I haven't even purchase any new shoes in awhile (well actually I lie, I just bought one from C.Russe last week)hahaha.

This past Saturday, when I saw my younger sister wore her red pumps---I realized how hot they were, so decided to get myself a pair too.hahahhaa. Of course, I could-off just borrow it from her but NOOO her feet are too small. She's only a size 5, when I'm a size 6.

I've realized that I barely has any black heels. I know right? Who doesn't own a black heels...hahahaha. I used to have a lot of black heels, but they're old so I threw them out. Over the past years, I'ev notice that I only purchased other colors shoes.hahahaha. I actually really like these pair of heels. They reminded me of a sexy rock & roll shoes.hahaha. Don't ask me why? :) I absolutely love the straps around the angle too-it's different!