Tuesday, March 22, 2011

surprise mail

So far, today had been a great day! Woke up this morning having one of the best dream ever. (Jay Chao came and rescued me from the bad guys and carry me in his arm away to his place...ahhhhhhh <3 ) Got and took a shower. Right after I got out of the shower and about to go blow dry my hair, the door bell rang. I got scared a little, because I wasn't expecting company or anybody. OPEN the door and there it was, my box/ordered from Sephora ^_^ I wasn't expecting it at all.

Along with the ordered, I also got 3 sample of their perfume. They actually smell really good. My favorite one is the "Gucci Guilty" (black one).

&& here it is, my "Naked Palette". lol You should see me, I was sooo happy I literally jump up and down.hahaha. It's about time, I'm one of them who owned one.lol. I was getting tired of hearing every girl talk about how good this palette is and me not being to to try it.hahaha ^_* 

Also ordered a "black" nail polish along with the urban decay. 

I'm a Happy Woman now!
will be doing a look on it soon. be sure to check back.


  1. LOL at your dream ahah! And who doesn't love surprise mail? (=

  2. Love the UD palette!!! I would do restock on it lol

  3. Yay for getting the UD Naked Palette :) Whenever I get samples I always tend to get perfume also.

  4. hey love, I tagged you, please check it out!