Tuesday, January 11, 2011

nails & shadows

Hey all, lately I've been so lazy to do a blog but since I have nothing to do today, figures I'll do a quick one :)
As you all can see, I've been into painting my nails a lot--well I always love painting them, just that for these couple of weeks I've been doing them like crazy.hahaha. Here's a few for you to see.

I wanted sparkly black nails to go with my NYE dress (but sadly I didn't go out this year. Instead, my bf and I just stayed in and hangout with some friends). Anyways, I still did my nails for fun.  Here's how I do it. It's VERY SIMPLE!

First painted with a nice dark color ( I ran out of my black polish so I went with a very dark navy color)

Second: I just simply apply my silver sparkle nail polish over it. You can get it from Forever21 for a very cheap price. && that's it!!! Told cha-it's simple.haha

with flash                                      w/out flash

My all time favorite: French tips.(I usually do the white tips but once here and there I'll play with other colors)

Here's what I use.
1. the color of nail polish I wanted
2. a clear nail polish
3. Nail's remover
4. old brush
5. cotton balls

First step: clean your nails (remove all old polish)

Second Step: Just simply apply the nail polish on you nails. Don't even worry about making sure the line is straight. You can go back and fix it later.

Third step: Use the brush to clean and make the curve on the tips. (sorry no pic of that )
Forth step: Apply the clear nails polish over it to help it stay on longer and shine it up. 

Final Look.

I've been hearing a lot of great review on this product but have never really bother to try it. Only because I'm not so much of a fan when it comes to cream shadow. Anyways, while I was at Wal Mart yesterday getting my CoverGirl mascara volume blast, there was a package of getting two (the mascara and the smoky shadow blast) for only $9.98. I decided to get it and give it a try :)

SO this is the one that I got along with my mascara. Since I just got it yesterday, I haven't really try it on yet...but I will do a look on it soon and tell you guys what I think of it.

Okay that's it peeps! here's a pic of myself.LOL.
 LOTD (look of the day). happy Tuesday!

WEB CAM: it's a snowy day so I put on my "fitch" hoodie ^_^

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  1. Wow everyone has a blog! I'm impressed! I can never give myself a manicure and have it look so good