Sunday, January 2, 2011

Gold Sparkling Nails

It's late and I'm tried as heck from a long day of shopping at Gurnee Mills with the Bf, Diana & Yeng. It was a great day...before hitting Gurnee we stopped by "Prime Outlet" mall first. Saw a really cute purse at Aldo but didn't get it. It was on sale for about $30---now I'm debating if I should go back and get Whenever I have the time, I'll do a blog post on what I got from shopping. Anyways, since Koua is busy playing his COD I decided to do a short and quick blog post on one of the nail polish that I got it a while back and barely use it yet.

I'm one of those nails lover so, this past Christmas I decided to paint my nails in a sparkling gold color! My sisters and friends always tell me that I should just go to a beauty school b/c I love doing my nails, hair, etc. Maybe one day after I get my BA from Alverno :) Anyways, Take a look at! It's nothing fancy, just pretty and simple.

This was just an "test out" so I just quickly painted over my pink nails. I got it this nail polish from Discover Store here in Milwaukee for only $1.69. This nail polish is really for decorating and designing but owell...haha.

After over-lapping 3 times, here the final look :)

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