Tuesday, December 21, 2010

which one....

Lets play a little game [well not really] but I've thought I should do a blog on what I perfer to use or wear.

1. short or long? LONG (last year I got a bob hair cut and regret it so much. I like it but I just don't think it fit me as much as long hair. Some of my friends think it suit  really me well but as for me, not so much. So yea, never cutting my hair short again.)

2. black or blonde? BLACK. (I don't match blonde. I've done it in the past  and it makes me look super pale.hahaha. Knowing that I have such a tan color too, it just makes me look funny. I don't mind a light brown but not blonde)

3. curl or straight? BOTH (that's a hard one b/c I love them both. It just depend on my moods and how I want to do with my hair that day)

4. eye liner or mascara? EYE LINER. ( I used them both but I think I can go without using mascara)

5. lipstick or lip gloss? LIPSTICK. ( Again I used them both but lately I've just using lipsticks)

6. light shadows or dark? BOTH ( I like applying light makeup in the the day time and dark at night time. Although there are days when I do dark makeup in the day time too.)

7. blush or bronzer? BLUSH. ( I uses blush everyday unless I'm not putting any makeup on. In the other hand, I can go without bronzer)

8. dress or skirt? DRESS. ( If you know me, you know how much I love dresses! lol)

9. jeans or dress pants? JEANS. ( I barely wear dress pants unless it's for an interview for something important.)

10. shorts or leggings? BOTH. (summer=shorts and fall/winter=leggings)

11. scarfs or hats? SCARFS. (I adore scarfs. They're super cute. I owned too many scarfs vs. hats, I think I only owned 3-4--and I barely wear them too.)

12. heels or flats? BOTH (flats = day time and heels = night time/special occasion)

13. Purse or wallet? PURSE. (I can never have enough purses!)

14. Fur or Leather? BOTH (depending on what it is and if it matches me)

15. earrings or necklaces? EARRINGS (this one is a hard one b/c I love them both and owned lots of it. The only reason why I said earring is b/c I cannot start the day with wearing any earrings. I will feel too nake.LOL)

Okay that's it. Why don't you tell me, what you perfer now???

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