Tuesday, December 21, 2010

our early xmas dinner && foods that we love

The boyfriend took me out to eat at "Cheesecake Factory" last night as an early xmas dinner! The food was super yummy!

Sorry for the blury pic---we were still in the car while taking this pic.

On our way...

My dish: "Chicken Madeira" (one of the most popular dish!
Whenever I go there, I usually just get this or their "Chicken Bang Bang". I'm too afraid to try new dish.hahaha! This is when Koua comes in---he prefer trying new dishes, so I just get some sample taste from him. SMART EH? haha)

Koua's dish: I think it's call "Diane Steak and fish"?!?!?!
(the steak were so good! Although I didn't really like the fish that much
 but than again I'm not too much of a sea foods fan! Try it, if you have't before. You'll love it.)

I have to get one of myself with my food.haha
(ARGH, i hate my baby hair)

And of course me being a camera whore, I just have to take some pictures of
myself and my makeups of the night. It's just very simple and natural.

Okay last one.LOL

Since I'm already talking about foods, I thought I shared a couple pictures of Koua and mine favorite dish that I make :)

SEA FOOD! (this is the only sea food dish that I like! I learned it from my sister in law)
YUMMM-this makes me hungry.

Koua & I love eating "pho" We make/eat pho almost twice a month. LOL. Pho is the one dish that Koua will make on his own without any help from me.haha! I love our "pho" days because I'll just sit and do my own thing while he cook for us to eat. ^_^

I cannot wait to go back home this Thursday and celebrate xmas (spend time) with my family! Every year, my family and I play "Secret Santa"! This year we are adding something new to it---who ever bought the BEST GIFT win $40!!!! (lets hope I'll win.hahaha). I cannot wait to find out who have me and what they got me!!! Ohhhhh btw, this Wednesday Koua will be taking me to go buy my xmas gift! I'm super excited and cannot wait! OHHH life can't get any better than this.hahaha! I love the holidays!!!!



  1. Maineng, you are so tiny that the plate of food is better than you. LMAO...you makeup is flawless as always. I really want to try Koua's dish. I love steak. yum yum

  2. Martha, you should! I steak was really good!

  3. spoiled brat! lols, JK. =D Those food looks sooo good right, drooling atm. =(