Wednesday, December 15, 2010

wavy hair & etc.

I'm so jealous of girls who have thick & lots of hair!!! If you have not notice, I have very thin hair. Therefore I like to curl my hair whenever I get the chance. It helps add volume and make it look like I at least have more hair than I do. A natural wavy look is always pretty. It also helps add some glam in my look, which is always a good thing.

What I used:
1. comb to tease my hair (to add some volume)
2. hair spray ( I used TRESsmme)
3. 1.5 inch hair curl


This past Sunday, Koua and I went to the Dollar Tree to buy some xmass wrappers and so I decided to stop by the makeup section. Came to my surprise that they actually some of the Elf and Max's product. I quickly grab some. LOL. These are only the two that I got for myself...The others I gave it out as gifts for friends & family.

As you all my have already know, I LOVE TO SHOP SHOP SHOP! Went to Mayfair Mall a couple days ago and saw these cute little "foot warmer" in ForLove21. They were only $3.50 each! How cheap is that, right??? I snap three of them. One for myself and two for my two friends :) Aren't they cute?? I love it! It really help keep my feet nice and warm.

While at Mayfair, I stopped by Aldo Store. Saw these gorgeous gold earrings and bought them. Got them for only $5. It was part of there "buy two for the price of one"---so I got myself a ring to go along with it.

I've been eyeing at these pumps for awhile now so yesterday while at Forever21 I was like, "you know what, Im just gona get it!!" lol. I super love the nude color, for months I've been looking for this color!! I'm so glad I found it for such a great price---Only $17!

The more lipstick the better :)

[I'M SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THIS COMING SUNDAY!!!---My friend Choua and I are going to have a "makeup" photoshoot! So be sure to check back ^_^]

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  1. I love the DollarStore for cheap makeup. BTW the socks are really cute.