Wednesday, December 15, 2010

look of the day

Hello since there's notthing to do here at work tonight I decided to do a blog again on my new dress that I just bought from H&M for only $20 (orginal price was $34.99) and my look for the day. 

Before anything else, I have a funny story to tell! So, this morning my neice woke up and saw me getting ready and all dress up...she was like "wtf, you going to a party or what?" and I was like, "No, just getting glam up for fun and taking pictures!" and then what do you know, my neice started cracking up b/c she find it super funny for a person to get up and just take pictures.hahahaha. Of course she called me the "biggest camera whore ever".lmao! Anyways, ENJOY the pictures.

Here's my beautiful dress I bought from H&M! It was like love at first sight. I saw it, tried it on and right then I knew I just have to get it. No Questions ask!!! hahaha.
[I added my belt that I bought from WetSeal on Black Friday]

&& here's my look of the day! I really want to go for a big bold look so I used my fake thick lashes that my sister ordered line (I just snap a couple from Instead of doing just a natural look, I decided to have some fun and go GREEN. And then of course blended up with some lighter eye shadows. 

What I used:
Eyes: Sophora eye primer, maybelline's Antique Jade [165], Mac dark gray eyeshadow, and Cover Girl's mascara
Face: American Beauty's liquid foundation, VS's powder foundation, VS bronzer, and Maybelline Mousse concealer
Checks: Flirt's "Heartrob" blush
Lip: Revlon "Nude Attitude"

&& then of course after all those fun, I changed into something causal that I can wear to work.
Change ---wearing my big hoop earrings that I got it from Forever21 a long time ago.
---my new comfy cute stripe shirt that I just got from Forever21
--added a long simple necklace that I got A'caci

This is totally random but I just ordered a bunch of products from ELF today and cannot wait till it gets here! Thanks to my friend Choua Xiong for telling me about the 50% off deal!

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