Tuesday, November 16, 2010

questions & answers

Lets play a fun and simple game, shall we? Answer each of this question by posting a picture.

What's your favorite drink? I love my mango bubble tea drink. YUMMM!

What did do this past Spring Break? Some of my girlfriends an I went down to Chicago.

Where's your favorite place to be? During the summer time, I love spending the day at the Sheboygan's beach. That's the one thing I love about SBG, it may be small but it has an unforgettable beach :)

What do you love most about your cultural? I love the beautiful colorful outfit.
Hmong; embrace it.
[This picture was taken last Hmong New Year.]

Who had made a difference in your life? MY MOM. I love her to death. She has thought me so many things about life. I glad that I have a great/close relationship with her.

What's your newest addiction? Lately, I've been sooo into lipsticks. The "lady gaga" lipstick is by far one of my favorite. If you haven't get it, I totally recommend you go get one now. You will not regret a penny :)

What do you like to do for fun? Photography [taking pictures] is always fun.
The more I play with it, the better I get.

Are you a outgoing person? I can be.hehehe.
I love hanging out with the girls and grabbing a few drinks, once in awhile.
[Kia and I, at Decibel]

What's one of your passion? Modeling ^_* I love being in front of the camera.

Who makes you smile? All my little brats alwaysss make my smile. They're the cutest thing ever.
[my little munchkin, Anthony.]

Who's your favorite pet? I don't really like having pet until Koua bought his first dog, Beast. Sadly, we have to put him to sleep due to an infection :( I know rite, the one time where I'm not scare of dog. hahaha

what do you usually find yourself doing when you're bored? Painting my nails. It's a great way to kill some times.hahaha.

Who's your other half? My love, Koua Xiong. The man who spoil me most.haha. He's the best thing that have ever happen to me :)

Where do you work? I work at the computer center at Alverno College.

It's your turn!!! Give me some of our answers ^_*

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