Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I picked out my New Year's dress, earrings, neckless and shoes already. I cannot wait to get all glam up and wear it. All I have left to do is decide on how I want my hair to be. Curl it? Straighten? Pull it up? IDK. You tell me, what/how should I do my hair?!?!?! ^_^ && YESSSS I know I'm an early bird this year. It's not even Christmas yet and I'm already excited about New Year.hahaha.

The beautiful dress ^_^

My shiny shoes that I ordered online awhile back for my Vegas trip.
I'm still debating if I should wear this or go with a black shoes??? Suggestion??

my love.hahaha. these are confirm ^_*

I really want to wear this but I already know that it won't go with my dress :(
Guess I'll just have to save it for different outfit.
SO HAPPY, that it's almost Thanksgiving Day! I cannot wait to to home and eats, eats, eats! && spend more times with the family. I love spending times with my family and the kids. Who wouldn't right? :) It's sooo much fun. This year, we planned on playing "picture-nary" and having a "Spade" tournament. OH that shall be fun!!! Koua and I are going to take each of those couple down and WIN all the $$$.hahahakadkalhaha


  1. I love your choice for your NYE dress. Very pretty but yet so simple. :)

  2. finally! you get to wear your gorgeous dress! haha, i'd to say, whatever hairstyle you chose, you will beautiful! but perhaps, you should put it up so you can show off your clavicle bone and your earrings. just a thought. miss you dear!

  3. choua, I agreed! I was thinking of putting it up too that way my earrings will stand out hehe.