Sunday, September 19, 2010

hello ^_^

Hello peeps! It's 10:58pm and I just created my first new blog spot ever. lol. I usually just write my thoughts & feelings in my journal where i kept it away from everyone else but myself (yes, even Koua too hehe). ^_^ One of my friend name Martha had inspired me into doing a blog LOL. so Martha, if you ever read this, "thank you" hahaha. I figured, this will be a great way for me to talks about my photography, family, friends, love, fashion, etc.   Anyways, it's getting late and i should be heading to bed and cuddle with my hlub, so here's some quick facts about me. I'm 22 years old. Hometown of Sheboygan but currently living in Milwaukee, WI for school. I'm attending Alverno College with a major of Computer Information Tech. and support in Creative Arts. I'm a student worker at the Technology Center. Ok, enough about school and work. Something fun about me, I love fashions, makeups, photography (in front of the camera and behind ^_^), chocolates, and almost anything pink.hahaha. I enjoy spending most of my time at the beach, especially in the summer time. Sheboygan may be small but it has a beach that is unforgettable and beautiful. I love my family, friends, and of course my boo bear, Koua Xiong. They are the reason why I am who I am today. Nothing can change to the point where I will forget them. Each of them have played a big part in my life. I love them always and forever ^_^. Soon enough, I'll be posting pictures of all my love ones for you all to see :) arite that's it for now...nite nite!

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  1. Mai Neng, Moguy! Thanks for the shout out to me. :) You made my day.