Friday, January 27, 2012

Inspired: living room

I'm totally inspired by this living room! It's exactly like how I would want my future living room to be; simple and pretty. I love the soft blue and grey together. It made the room cozy and warm. Now, I can not wait to buy my future house and get going with this house project lol. Which it wont happen for awhile. Maybe in a year or two?!?!?! In the mean time, I'll just keep saving. So yes, I got my inspiration and ready to start buying my decors :)


  1. I have some images of my dream living room in my head too! also bed room and bathroom...:)) haha
    I like the living room og the pic, simple is best.

  2. Thanks, it was fun... well, all the fun one can have in such a small town. Funny that you have decor ideas! Addison and I do too and it's also a white and blue theme, but more of a dark blue. We were inspired from our trip to the milwaukee zoo and bought large posters of our favorite blue art work but we still have a long way before getting our own place.