Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vegas trip

As many of you may know, I just got back from my 4 days trip in Vegas! Boy, did not want to come back at all. The weather down there was just beautiful and perfect for Fall! Unlike Wisconsin, where u have to wear layer and layers of clothes. LOL. Anyways, had a good time with the boyfriend and friends. I didn't party as hard as I did on my first visit, but I def. got to do a lot of others things that I didn't get to last time. We visited, most of the hotels on the strip, did some shopping at Planet Hollywood, lots of walking on the strip, watched the Jabawockees & La Reve show. Both shows were great! Jabawockees was really entertaining and beats up the room. La Reve, was just off the hook and awesome! It's a water show that you do not want to miss while ur down there!

Anyways, enjoy the pictures!

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  1. Your beauty is divine. Lovely outfits you wear here in this blog post!