Monday, June 27, 2011

June's Haul

It's been awhile. Time for some update :)
Did a whole bunch of shopping this whole week and purchased many cute stuff.
*Sorry for the bad quality. I truly miss my Canon EOS Rebel! I can't wait to get it back!

While shopping at "One Stop" Babe was nice enough to buy me this stunning shoes!!!! I plan on rocking it out on July 16th,2011 (celebrating Choua & Houa's 25th bday).

$5 Necklace at Charlotte russe! What a steal, right! Who can pass on that???

I think I will soon need a second necklace holder.hahahaha. It's getting pretty full!

Pearl earrings can never enough for me! All these for only $1 :)

While baby shopping on Friday with Choua for Houa's bby shower, we decided to stop by BigLots.[btw: Thanks Martha Xiong for letting us know where you get all these cheap brushes from]
-3 Revlon's nail polish for only $2.50
-$1 for each brush
-small eye-shadow palette for only $2.50

Even though, Koua know how crazy I can get with my nails collection he was still willing to purchased me two Sally Hansen nail polish. I cannot wait to use them!!


  1. You're welcome, Maineng. I'm glad you were able to find them. I'm jealous you got a brush that I couldn't get. :)

  2. OMG Those glittery heels are gorgeous!

  3. Love the glitter pumps and the necklace holder is nice! Dang you have a lot of necklaces too!

  4. Those glitter heels are fabulous!

  5. wow, those are great deals!