Monday, April 25, 2011

Closet Clean-out

Tonight, I decided to clean my closet and organized all my clothes. I did not realize how much stuff/clothes I have. I REALLY do need a bigger place and a bigger closet for all my clothes.Threw some out, some will be donated to GoodWill and some will be in storage.

These are just most of my clothes :/

Look at how small my closet is :( Knowing me as a girly-girl, I def. need a bigger closet. Maybe 4x this size.hahaha.

Here are a few Winter's sweater that need to be storage. I left a couple out, in case we have some cold/windy summer.

My jeans and shorts.

After organizing everything.
if you can see/tell, I turned some of the hanger backward. (Those are the one that I barely wear them but don't want to throw it out yet.) I learned a trick from the "Nate Show" that by doing this, it helps you really see if you even ever wear that piece of clothes. If after more than 5-6 months, and those hangers are still hanging backward, it's time to take out that piece of clothe and put it in storage, throw it out, or donate it.

This is where all my pants/shorts goes.

My bras, panties, bathing-suits, and sleep-wears.

Remembered these short-short skirt???? Well, in my high school days, I used to love wearing them. LOL. Of course, they're still cute and can be sexy but it's just not for me no more. I'm getting too old to wear those---they'll be donated to GoodWill :)

For now, they will go in plastic bags until I find the time to go to Wal Mart and purchase some storage boxes.

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