Monday, January 24, 2011

Look of the Day

Since I haven't done a look for awhile--I decided to do a quick one this morning. I just wanted to test out my new "elf" eyeshadow that I ordered awhile back and to see if it goes well with my Sally Girl baked gold eyeshadow. The quality/pigment of the Elf mineral is actually not bad. And the color turn out great.

What I used on my EYES:
1.Sophora's eye primer
2.Sally Girl  baked gold eyeshadow
3.Elf's mineral shadow
4. Wet&Wild shadow
5.Cover Girls mascara volume blast
6.Maybelline black gel eye-liner

Products on my face: I didn't put much on my face today. For sure no foundation. Just some concealer here and there. && then applied my Flirt golden bronze on my cheeks.

Lip: I'm wearing one of Victoria Secret lip gloss (forgot the name of it)

Review on the "Sally Girl baked eyeshadow: The pigmentation is good when applied dry but really shines when applied wet. The shadows have good staying power, I noticed only minor creasing after a few hours. With the help of eye primer, it stay on even longer. The texture isn't the softest but they do blend easily. This product is so cheap yet very good. I owned almost all colors. They're only 99 cent.

**I ran out of "fake" lashes...hahaha Need to get more ASAP**

Have a good one & Stay Warm!


  1. pretty eye look!! you're so cute! I love your curls!

  2. You look gorgeous! :) I love your eye color choice, they go very well together! :)

  3. you always look soo good in all of your pictures!

  4. MaiNeng- You're looks are getting better and better. I love how you blend everything together. I haven't tried any of the baked Sally girl shadows. You should do some swatches of your favorite shades.

  5. thats a lovely look and you look gorgeous :) . thanks for following. I am following you back. you have a great blog ^ ^