Friday, December 3, 2010

black friday

Finally I have time to do a blog about "black friday".lol. Of course we all know that all the girls will go CRAZY with shopping on black Friday! I know I did. My sister, niece, brother and his gf shopped for 7 hours straight! We first went to Mayfair mall and then SouthRidge Mall. I totally went all out but surprisingly at the end, after calculating how much I was way less than I thought!

I'm too lazy to take pictures of what I got so instead I went and steal them from the website! Here's are some of the stuff I got!

Got this top from Forever21 for only $9 in pink. [original price is $15]

Got this scarf from Forever21 for only $5 in black. [original price is $9]

Got this belt from WetSeal! After 50% off I only paid $4. Got it in the color brown though.

Also got one for my sister-in-law too but in black.

Bought this from WetSeal for only $10 after 50% off.

I couldn't find this dress on the website but I got the very same white one that the model is wearing on the left. Got it for $15 after 50% off. I bought it for my sister-in-law b/c she couldn't come shopping with us.

"Sex and the City"--one of mine all time fav. movie. I've been wanting to buy this movie! I'm so glad I save it for Black Friday. Got it for only $3 at Target! Cannot go wrong with that at all! I was soooo hoping that they have "How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days" too but NOPE!

While at Target, I decided to grab some of the Elf products too! This was only $3.



Got this from Charlotte Russe for only $12 after 25% off. Not in this color though.

I can't find the exact one on the website...but it's somewhat the same style like this picture.
$4 after 25% off.

Got this cute-ass hoodies from American Eagle for only $16!

Again, these are not even all of it! There's still more...but u get the point.LOL. I'm just so proud of myself that I did not buy any dress or shoes for myself at all!!!! hahaha.
How was your Black Friday shopping??

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