Monday, November 8, 2010

makeups are so much fun

let me tell yal, the more you play with makeups the more you love them.
**just another reminder that I'm not really a makeup artist so I don't do makeup tutorial. As much as I love playing with them, I really do just apply them to myself. Yes, I have done it to friends and family members, but that's pretty much it.**

purple look.
I started from light to dark.

you can't really see the colors well on these two pic b/c of the flash.

second look. same steps as the first look but just different colors of shadow.

This past Halloween I really wanted to be "blue avatar" but couldn't b/c I ended up not going out so I just have to do an inspiring "blue" eyes shadow. I was sooo sad that I couldn't dress up as blue avatar. Forsure, next year I'll be one :)


  1. Love the makeup work. =) I'm excited to follow your blog!

  2. I'm loving those colors on you and the blending is nice as well! p.s for sure I would like to do a swap with you! Just let me know whenever you want too!