Monday, September 20, 2010

VEGAS trip summer 2010

This past June, my girlfriends and I went to Vegas to celebrate Choua's Bachelorette party! I will have to say Vegas was the HIGHLIGHT of my summer! Going on this trip with these girls was the perfect choice. We all had a great time and NO ONE wants to come back! ***party all night and sleep all day*** lol j/k We actully didn't sleep AT ALL! It was def. a weekend to remembered!
Me, Choua, Houa, Sona, Truly, Kia, Shoua, Mary, Jenny, Sarah, Joua, & Nini

Heading to the Karoke Bar

At Tao's Pool Party



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  1. How LOVELY is this post, I love it!
    I miss VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I miss you girls!!!!!!!!!!