Tuesday, September 21, 2010

my baby Beast

Ohhh how I miss you, Beast. He may look badass but really he's a sweetheart! He was put to sleep awhile back in early Jan. 2009, due to a stomach infection :( && he was just only a puppy! Koua always wanted a new pitt, but I always tell him that, NO OTHER DOGS can replace Beast!

isn't he the cutest pitt ever? ^_^
Koua and I always took him for a walk at Jackson park and whenever he's visiting in Sheboygan, my sister and I always take him to the beach. He's very lazy at walking! He LOVES the shade.lol. He would walk for 5-10 min. and then sit. IF you want him to keep walking, you'll have to drag him.lol. && that's what I missed most about him. OHH and he also loves chasing after squirrels!  


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