Monday, September 27, 2010

Great Weekend

It's been two weeks since I went back to Sheboygan. I'm soooo used to going back every weekend, so two weeks was long for me.haha. Anyways, I have a great weekend with my family and all my cute babies. Since school started my little Emily is so smart now. 90% of the time she's speaking in English.hahaha...and always singing songs that they've learned in I <3 my baby Anthony. The moment I walked inside, he asked for my cell phone to play games. This is him, "Auntie Neng, phone pee pee (please)" haha. That little boy is wayyyy too smart for a 3 years old. He knows his way around in my phone to find where all the games are at and he knows exactly which one he wanna play.LOL.

On Saturday, my sister in law and I took some pictures in Hmong clothes :) They turn out beautiful. Will be post up soon for all you guys to see. Maybe by tonite?!!? lol.

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